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Argus-Hazco Safety Confined Space Carts

Argus-Hazco safety carts

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We are pleased to present our line of safety carts designed for industrial applications. This web site is designed to provide you with an overview of our products, the quality of our carts and illustrate features and options available.

Argus-Hazco, as a member of the Argus Group, has been providing occupational safety, industrial health, and environmental monitoring products since 1950. We are committed to providing the right solutionfor your application.

Special Carts

Special Safety Carts
We offer special or custom carts designed to your specific requirements, ranging From Spill Control to Confined Space. More details >>


Support Equipment

Responder Support Equipment
Support equipment is essential for your cart. Argus-Hazco offers a complete line of safety equipment, spill control, emergency response and instrumentation. More details >>



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